Martial Arts Help Give Your Child The Best Chance For Success!

Academy of Martial Arts teaches your child more than kicking and punching. At Academy of Martial Arts, we are aware that the ability of children to defend themselves is important. Far more important are the tools needed to develop your child into a well-rounded adult. Children will learn respect, courtesy, and self-control will participating in a good exercise program. They will build confidence and self-esteem as they progress. Each of these characteristics improve attitudes and grades.

Martial Arts Are Perfect For Kids Of All Ages!

Classes are divided into age groups to provide the best experience for your child.

Tiny Champions (Ages 3-4)
Our youngest group receives our most basic instruction. They are building a foundation of skills
in fun, safe, and active environment. At this age they are learning to focus while enjoying their
accomplishments as they build confidence.

Little Champions (Ages 5-7)
This group will learn basic skills which will become more focused as they progress. We will keep
them challenged as they develop more skill. At this each they learn to develop more power,
better coordination, hand eye coordination, and dexterity,

Kids Martial Arts (Ages 8-12)
Kids Martial Arts offers advanced training as we challenge the students. They will work on
combinations, which help development both physically and mentally. We work on bully
prevention, teamwork, and leadership building while raising self-esteem.

Kids Martial Arts Training Can provide Crossover Skills For Any Sport!

As the kids work on self-defense and other Martial Arts skills, they will find they transfer into
other athletic activities. Speed, strength, and athleticism is improved as will as cardiovascular
endurance. They are learning health habits that will be with them for life.

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of all ages, skill levels and abilities.

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