Give Your Child The Best Chance To Succeed With Our Kids Martial Arts Classes


Our Kids Martial Arts Classes at the Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness are the perfect way to keep your child active and give them a great set of life skills for any situation. We're proud to offer family-friendly training right here in Harrisburg and we can't wait for you to check it out.

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Why Is Our Kids Martial Arts Training Right For Your Child?

Our team is proud to offer students across Harrisburg a sense of support and motivation. Our Kids Martial Arts Classes build students up one day at a time and help them build skills for all aspects of life. 

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes include:

Tiny Champions (Ages 3-4): Our most basic instruction, the Tiny Champions program is designed to build a foundation of skills in your little one. Each class offers tons of fun and a safe, supervised environment.

Your child can:

  • Enjoy every accomplishment
  • Learn focus and respect
  • Build confidence in everything they do

Little Champions (Ages 5-7): This program includes basic martial arts instruction and builds students up one step at a time. We use a progressive system of instruction that keeps students challenged while meeting the needs of all skill levels. Our Little Champions can:

  • Learn how to kick and punch with power
  • Build better coordination and footwork
  • Develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity

Kids Martial Arts (Ages 8-12): In the Kids Martial Arts program, we extend our class lengths and begin challenging students with more advanced training like combination movements. We also push to keep them mentally sharp with multi-tasking and memory training. Our Kids Martial Arts program is great for:

  • Bully prevention strategies
  • Teamwork and leadership building
  • Instilling self-esteem

PLUS, Kids Martial Arts Training Can Provide Crossover Skills For Any Sport Or Hobby

While our classes do focus on skills for self-defense and traditional Taekwon-Do, we also offer students a wide range of fundamental skills that can translate to the field, court, or just a healthy lifestyle.

At the Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness, we aim to make learning and exercise fun. Classes are different week to week to keep students on their toes and challenged every step of the way.

We're helping kids across Harrisburg develop:

  • Speed, strength, and athleticism
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Lifelong habits of physical activity

Check It Out Today! Our Kids Martial Arts Classes In Harrisburg Have Something For Everyone!

Don't miss out on everything we have to offer at the Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness. Our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Harrisburg are perfect for students of all skill levels and abilities.

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